Before you share your story,

Let me tell you mine

I’m so stoked you’re here reading this! Welcome to my page:) My name is Melinna and I was born & raised in Southern California, but have spent the last 15 years of my life living in central Texas! I enjoy all things outdoors; the ocean, camping, wakeboarding, and of course hiking.. but all must be done with what’s most important to me: My family! They’re my backbone. Photography has always been a part of my family so it started as a hobby, but organically became my full-time job when I saw the joy that it brought not only my team and I, but the people I was photographing. This passion of mine allows us to have tactical memories of the people, things and occasions that are most important to us. I can’t believe how blessed I am to call this big adventure my job. It makes me ridiculously happy and I channel all of that into creating photographs that portray genuine emotion and wild love. I’m thankful to have roots in such a beautiful state, but I’m also fond of this big earth and am always down to jump on a plane and adventure with you. So, where are we heading to next?